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System i

The Automated Show Production System

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System i is the most advanced and powerful show control programming system from RA Gray. System i allows you to program your show with a combination of scripted commands and real-time recording. All show control data, whether from scripted commands or real-time, can be merged, appended and repeated to create a total performance.

Scripted command files are created and edited just like any text file. Commands can be cut copied and pasted within a file or among files. Search and replace operations can also take place in multiple files at one time. In addition, all commands are fully prompted and color coded by the system for ease of use.

For real-time show programming our custom control panel has everything you need. Joysticks, push buttons and faders give you just the right touch for programming animatronics, lights, fountains and more. System i can also take inputs from any MIDI controller. Real-time programming aids include programmable record punch in and punch out times and background and foreground files.

For lighting, Looks and Groups can be established to allow scenes to be set with a single script command or real-time fader movement. Timing Mode allows you to accurately time your sound track for precise scripted command placement. Setup Mode gives you the ability to test the response and look of all devices.

System i has inputs and outputs for a variety of industry standard signals including: SMPTE time code, EBU time code, pilot tone, and video sync (input only).

Hardware and Software
The basic hardware and software package includes: the ISA buss card which mounts in a 16 bit expansion slot of your PC; the Real-time Analog Terminal which connects data from the System i to either the RA Gray Performance Playback System or Benchmark Control Show Playback System and handles other real-time functions such as synchronizing inputs and outputs and control panel connections; and the System i software which allows you to program data for up to 1000 eight-bit devices. Upgrades include: Real-time programming panels, special lighting control features such as Looks, and an output interface to DMX-512.


Technical Specifications