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Performance Playback System (DISCONTINUED)

This highly versatile System is part of the RA Gray Family of Entertainment Control Systems.

It is designed for continuous, twenty-four hour operation and is ideally suited for use in fully automated installations. It provides Flexible Playback Schemes for medium to large shows. Lighting, video, audio, animatronics, fountains, special effects and other devices are all controlled from pre-recorded data stored on any audio, video, or data medium or from internal memory with the Solid State Playback (SSP) Card. Performances may be started by either operator controlled starts, stops and show selection, a coin box, external devices or with the built in Supervisor Program. Shows can synchronize to a variety of standard reference inputs such as SMPTE time code or video sync.

Detailed Description of Above

IFC-05 ~ Interface Cabinet Assembly
Houses 1 to 16 Interface Cards & either the SSP or SDB Card

SSP-02 ~ Solid State Playback Card
Holds Show Memory & Controls Show Playback

SDB-06 ~ Serial Decoder Buffer Card
Decodes Show Data from an Audio Source

ADI ~ Analog Digital Interface Card
(4 Analog or 32 Digital)
Analog ~ 0 to 10 or -5 to +5VDC @50mA
Digital ~ 30VDC Sinking max., 100mA max.

ASI ~ Asynchronous Serial Interface Card
(4 Serial)
For Serial Devices (RS-232 & RS-422)

BDI ~ Bit Driver Interface Card
(32 Digital)
For Relays & Solenoids
50VDC Sinking max., 1A Drive max.

GSI ~ General Servo Interface Card
(4 Analog)
Configurations: Feed-forward, Feedback & Feedback w/Velocity Compensation.
0 to 10 or -10 to 10VDC @ 50mA

SPI ~ Slide Projector Interface Card
(4 Projectors)
Controls Lamp Level & Slide Tray Position