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Ram Show Controller

Technical Specifications

Front Panel Controls
~32 three-position toggle switches (ON, AUTO, and OFF) and LED indicators for bit output programming
~4 Mode Select push-buttons:
JOG: Advances memory one frame
PLAY: Advances memory in real-time (LED indicator)
STOP: Stops real-time advancing and/or record (LED indicator)
RECORD: Toggles RSC in and out of record (LED indicator)
~Address (Frame) Controls/Displays: Three position alphanumeric thumbwheel address switch
~Seven-segment LED display: displays current memory location
~3 position bank select toggle switch (0, 1, or AUTO) for upper or lower address
~Bank indicator LED's: indicate upper or lower addresses
~SET push-button: causes memory to move to the address indicated by the above switch settings
~RTZ (Return To Zero): sets memory location to zero

Remote Inputs
~32 Bit programming inputs
~Two memory location inputs: SET, RTZ (Return To Zero)
~Four mode select inputs: JOG, PLAY with indicator, STOP, RECORD with indicator
~Bank select: 0 or 1

Framing Rates
32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 frames-per-second or externally triggered (jumper selected)

Digital Outputs
Pin-outs configured for I/O-16 type solid-state relay boards (12-28 VDC, 150mA)

Analog Outputs
Individual OFFSET and RANGE adjustments 0-10 VDC, 20mA

Pilot Tone Input / Output
Clock Generator: 2400 Hz, internal or external
Phase Lock-Loop tracking: Output +4 dBm; Input +10 to
-20 dBm, adjustable (with indicators)
Carrier detect gives PLAY command (internal jumper option)

I/O Connectors
Remote Inputs: 50-pin "Blue Ribbon" receptacle, flat cable mass termination or discrete wiring
Digital/Analog outputs: 50-pin "Blue Ribbon" plug, flat cable mass termination or discrete wiring
Pilot Tone: Phono (RCA) jack

Heavy-gauge aluminum, rack-mountable

Power Requirements
400mA @ 12-28 VDC, received remotely from output control cable

11.25" x 5.3" x 2.9" (28.6cm x 13.5cm x 7.4cm)

3.5 pounds (1.6Kg)