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Ram Show Controller

RSC Ram Show Controller

Wake up your Displays and Exhibits
Make displays, exhibits, fountains and signboards come alive. Control light, sound and movement with the Ram Show Controller.
You program the the RSC in real time or frame-by-frame. Editing is easy, allowing you to change only those elements desired, without affecting anything else.
Framing rates are adjustable from 32 frames-per-second to 1 frame-per-second. Framing can also be triggered externally for rates to suit any requirement.
The RSC features Auto-Stop and Auto-Reset for use with cued effects. Its memory can be divided into four separate show segments. With this useful feature it can loop through a standby or "attract" mode until showtime, then return to the attract mode after its performance.
The RSC has 32 digital and 4 analog outputs. Connection is simple with flat cable mass termination connectors. The digital outputs are compatible with I/O-16 type solid state relay boards. Or use breakouts for discrete wiring.


Technical Specifications